Hermana Edna has dedicated the last 30 years of her life to helping malnourished children in Guatemala. Last year, she decided to leave the malnutrition center she had been director of for several years in order to start her own center. She opened the doors to her new center in October 2014, and has helped dozens of children with hardly any outside support. This inspiring woman has a great vision and beautiful facility, but is desperately in need of additional support (volunteers, donations, and infrastructure improvements). We're excited to partner with her to help grow her new program into the center she dreams of running.

Construction Projects

  • Install drainage throughout building
  • Complete second story construction
  • Install fans or air conditioning in bedrooms
  • Reinforce sinks in children's bathroom
  • Build a bedroom for Hermana Edna
  • Build security wall around property

Volunteer/Staff Needs

  • Pediatrician or General Physician: A part-time doctor is needed to evaluate children upon arrival, treat any illnesses, and reevaluate on-going during their stay as needed. Currently seeking a volunteer or donor to support this role.
  • Nutritionist: A part-time nutritionist is needed to evaluate children upon arrival, create a unique treatment plan for each child, and reevaluate once a week during their stay to update their plan. Currently seeking a volunteer or donor to support this role.
  • Nursing staff: Two full-time nurses are needed to provide 24 hour (work in shifts) care and support to the children, following the individual care plans of each child, and monitoring their health. Currently seeking volunteers or donor to support these roles.
  • Overnight caregivers: Caregivers are needed to help with overnight feeding, diaper changing, and monitoring children. Currently seeking a volunteer to support this role.
  • Social worker: AP1 is currently providing social work support to this program, conducting home visits and executing rescue operations as needed.

Donation Needs

  • Medicines: children's cough medicine, children's decongenstant, children's pain reliever/fever reducer, anti-parasite medicine, lice shampoo, topical first aid creme, topical rash cream
  • Diapers, diaper creme, wipes
  • Baby shampoo, body soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes
  • Baby and toddler clothes: both genders, comfortable materials like cotton
  • Toddler shoes
  • Cleaning supplies: desinfectant, bleach, dish soap, laundry soap
  • Baby formula: please inquire for current needs
  • Food: rice, beans, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese, flour, corn meal, oil, butter, sugar