• Community Name: Santa Cruz
  • Municipality: Huite
  • Department: Zacapa
  • Total Population: 939
  • Children under 5 years old: 140 (14.9% of total population)
  • School age children (5 - 18 years old): 431 (45.9% of total population)
  • Women of child-bearing age (15 - 49 years old): 168 (17.9% of total population)

Details: Santa Cruz is a remote community located on top of a mountain near Huite, Zacapa. The community is surrounded by land owned by a major land owner, who pays the families of Santa Cruz to farm plots of land. Unfortunately, this means that families do not have their own farmland to grow food for themselves. The community is facing serious water shortage issues, as their water tank was removed to build a new one and the project funding fell through. The residents rely on the supply of a single 2.5" tube that brings water over 4 hours away from a mountain spring. Each family is given 2 jugs to fill up each morning, and have to do all of their cooking, cleaning, bathing, and drinking from this extremely limited supply.

Construction Projects

  • Replace water cistern
  • Enlarge piping from water source
  • Fence in public school
  • Replace broken windows in public school and community hall
  • Repair holes in roof of public school and community hall
  • Create bathrooms with drainage for public school
  • Improve community soccer field

Volunteer Needs

  • Assistant Social Worker: Help conduct home visits and socio-economic study of the community. Design formatting and filing systems for social work department. Assess community needs and make programming recommendations to AP1 Board of Directors.
  • English Teacher: Bring English classes to the children Santa Cruz by offering afterschool classes. Design your own curriculum and create a lasting impact on the next generation of the village.

Donation Needs

  • School snack program
  • Spanish language books
  • School supplies
  • Sports equipment