What do sponsors do?

Sponsors provide invaluable financial and moral support to one specific child in Guatemala. The monthly donations provided by sponsors allow their sponsor child to access our wide range of programs, including school scholarships, basic health clinics, family counseling, hospital care, and more. More importantly, we encourage sponsors to form a personal connection with their sponsor child. Sponsor children are proud to report their accomplishments to their sponsors, and are interested to learn more about their sponsor's life.

How much does sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship costs $50 a month. This support can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What does my donation cover?

Your monthly donations allow your sponsor child to access our wide range of programs, including school scholarships, basic health clinics, family counseling, hospital care, and more. Since each child's needs are unique, participation in our programming varies from child to child.

What about the kids who don't have sponsors?

Don't worry! Children who are waiting for sponsorship are still invited to use our programs while we work to find a sponsor to support their participation. We appreciate your help spreading the word about our sponsorship program and the children waiting for support.

How am I assigned a sponsor child?

If you see a child that you would like to sponsor on our Sponsor page, please include their name on registration form. If you would prefer, our sponsorship coordinator will be happy to match you with a child from our waiting list. All sponsor children are active participants in our programming. 

Will my sponsor child know about me?

An important aspect of the sponsorship program is the support and friendship sponsors can offer to the children. However, if you are more comfortable remaining anonymous, we will accommodate your wishes. You will still receive occasional case updates from our sponsorship coordinator about your sponsor child, but you will not receive any direct communications from the child.

Can I communicate with my sponsor child?

We hope you do! Everyone loves to receive a letter in the mail, especially one that is sent from another country! We encourage you to correspond with your sponsor child via letters and email (faster response time). Your messages will be translated to Spanish and delivered to your sponsor child, who will then write you a response.

What kind of updates will I receive?

In addition to letters and drawings from your sponsor child, you'll receive periodic updates on their progress in school and home life. These updates are generated by our social workers and translated to English by our sponsorship coordinator. 

I don't speak Spanish. Can I still sponsor a child?

Yes! Our sponsorship coordinator and volunteers translate your letters to Spanish and your sponsor child's responses to English. 

I want to help but I don't want direct communication with a child. Is that OK?

Although we encourage a direct relationship with a sponsor child, anonymous sponsors will not receive any communications from a specific child. They will only receive occasional updates from our sponsorship coordinator about the child's school and home life. Anonymous sponsors can choose to change their status to actively communicate with a child at any time.